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Seawater Temperature

Water Temperature - Climatological Mean

Scientifically quality-controlled historical in situ seawater temperature data in the World Ocean Database 2013 obtained from instruments carried aboard oceanographic research ships were used to construct annual, seasonal, and monthly climatological distribution fields of salinity at selected standard depth levels of the world ocean on a 1/10th degree grid. Seawater temperature data distribution from the World Ocean Database for the Gulf of Mexico shows good overall coverage: measurements increase toward the northeast and decrease to the southwest. This map presents the seasonal climatological mean fields of seawater temperature for two water depths (10 meters and 250 meters) on a 1/10th degree grid. Measurements are degrees Celsius. Seasons are as follows: Fall (October - December), Winter (January - March), Spring (April - June), Summer (July - September).

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Water Temperature Climatological Mean Atlas Dataset