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Prevailing Winds

Prevailing Winds - Climatological Average

Blended vector sea surface winds (at 10-m above sea level) and surface windstresses (stresses felt by the water). The wind speeds are blended from multiple satellites [up to six, including Scatterometers (QuikSCAT), SSMIs, TMI and AMSR-E] observations, on a global 0.25-degree grid and time resolution of 6-hourly, as four 'instantaneous' global snapshots per day at UTC/GMT 00, 06, 12 and 18Z. The blended speeds are then decomposed into (u,v) components using the NCEP Re-analysis 2 (NRA-2) wind directions interpolated onto the blended speed grid. The 6-hourly (u,v) instantaneous fields are provided at our data site, and the speed itself can be simply computed as w=(u^2+v^2)^0.5, which is exactly the blended speed from the multiple satellites. This analysis was done for the seasonal fall average from 1990 to 2010.

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Prevailing Winds Climatological Average Atlas Dataset