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Photic Quality

CMECS Photic Quality Modifier - Euphotic Depth

Seasonal five year means, as estimated from MODIS/Aqua satellite imagery, for euphotic depth in northern Gulf of Mexico. MODIS-Aqua satellite data from January 2005 - December 2009 was processed to calculate euphotic depth. This is based on first estimating the absorption and backscattering coefficients of the water from the satellite remote sensing reflectance values and then using those coefficients to estimate the euphotic depth. In situ data from the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (SEAMAP) program were overlaid on the modeled data. Both the satellite data and the SEAMAP data were then reclassified into Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) Water Column component categories. The CMECS is a catalog of terms that provides a means for classifying ecological units using a simple, standard format and common terminology. CMECS offers a way to organize and interpret data about the marine environment, and it provides a common platform for inter-relating data. Measurements are in meters. Seasons are as follows: Fall (October - December), Winter (January - March), Spring (April - June), Summer (July - September).

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CMECS Photic Quality Modifier Atlas Dataset