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Coastal Characterization - Small Areas

Grand Bay NERR

The core area of the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) consists of approximately 12,800 acres of estuarine tidal marsh, tidal creeks or bayous; shallow, open-water habitats; oyster reefs; seagrass beds; maritime forests; salt flats; sandy beaches; and shell middens. These protected core lands are extremely important to the functioning of the estuarine ecosystem and include ecological units of a natural estuarine system which preserves a full range of significant physical, chemical and biological factors contributing to the diversity of fauna, flora, and natural processes occurring within the estuary.

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Grand Bay NERR Atlas Dataset

Mobile Bay - Land Cover Land Use

Map presenting land cover land use (LCLU) of Mobile Bay, Alabama over a period of time. A paper map of LCLU in 1948 was used as a baseline to represent a "green" pre-development scenario. Remotely sensed Landsat-derived National Land Cover Data (NLCD) were used as the source for LCLU maps for 1992 and 2001. These two maps were then used as the "current" scenario inputs for the PSGM model to generate a future LCLU map for the year 2030.

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Mobile Bay Land Cover Land Use Atlas Dataset

Perdido Coastal Lagoons

This project is an ongoing survey of the physical, chemical and biological variables of three distinct lagoonal environments in Perdido Bay, Florida.

Perdido Coastal Lagoons Atlas Dataset